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Hope In The Wake of Tragedy: Sandy Hook Elementary

December 15, 2012

There is no way to make any sense of the tragic and unconscionable events that occurred yesterday in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary. The entire nation and global community mourns the senseless loss of life that yesterday’s tragedy represents. My heart breaks for the lives lost, for the families and friends, and most of all, for the beautiful and spirited little people who were taken from this world before having the opportunity to live their dreams. They have left their mark, young children always do.  They simply have that aura of magic and inspire hope with their boundless enthusiasm that touches all of those blessed enough to be in their presence.

Inspired group of Yellowstone area teens during YCG’s 2011 Yellowstone Leadership Challenge following a restoration project in the heart of Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley. Our hope for the future.

There are no words to adequately express the horror of yesterday’s events, but one thing is very clear. In a world that is rife with hate, bigotry and injustice, we don’t have time to despair. We should feel pain, sadness, outrage and even anger, and we must honor the lives of those lost, we must honor the spirited children and their legacy, but we must not despair. We can’t let the hate triumph. Instead we must do all we can to add beauty and love and inspiration to the world around us.

We must create a fertile, uplifting and inspiring environment for our children to grow. We must step up our actions and intentions to counter the hate. We must redouble our efforts and fight for a compassionate, loving and just world worthy of our children, worthy of our future.

With a heavy heart, Michael Leach

Our spirited little one on her own Old Faithful adventure.  Watching solo in awe during our annual trek down to the legendary geyser.