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BA Webisode Three: Pain Matters

October 26, 2015

It’s the last Monday of October, leaves are falling, sandhill cranes are migrating, and colder temperatures are locking in across Yellowstone Country.  Change is on the wing here and elsewhere.  Whether it’s on a large or small scale, adapting to changing circumstances (while key) can prove challenging.

One of the areas I struggle most to adapt on these rainy, Pacific Northwest like Monday’s is re-establishing my writing rhythm.  This Monday is particularly challenging after a three day road trip with the family to celebrate my daughter’s birthday down in Salt Lake City.  I had the privileged of my daughter joining me for much of the 2014 Grizzlies On My Mind book tour (an experience I will always treasure).  Of all the bookstores we journeyed to, King’s English (one of the best indie bookstores in the west) was her favorite.  So I asked my publicist months ago to schedule a Be Audacious book event for her birthday weekend.  It was a spirited three days honoring my little one’s eight years on this planet, while growing the BA tribe. But now that we’re back home, it’s time to get back into my creative groove.

For me, bouncing back from a big presentation or event always presents a creative roadblock, much the way experiencing physical or emotional pain can hijack our head space, impeding our progress. But when we shed light on what is blocking our path, we can begin building a road-map or toolkit to navigate the tricky spots.

In today’s webisode I explore one of the biggest roadblocks we will face when pursuing creative endeavors and meaningful work: pain and why it matters. As always, if you like what you hear or feel like this message can help friends or family to live audaciously then please check out the book, share the blog and help us grow the BA tribe one person at a time.

With nothin’ but love, Michael W. Leach

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