August 7, 2015



Be Audacious: Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life That Matters

Everyone wishes to live a life that matters. But how do we harness this potential and positively impact the world around us? In Be Audacious: Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life that Matters, author and motivational speaker Michael W. Leach offers a simple, four-part game plan for overcoming adversity, living authentically, uncovering purposeful passion, and developing vision. Leach encourages readers to embrace nonconformity―to “shed the shackles of societal norms”―in pursuit of their dreams. Fresh, vulnerable, and contemporary, this call to action speaks to millennials and any others who aspire to break out of the box on the path to a purposeful journey uniquely their own.

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Grizzlies On My Mind: Essays of Love, Heartache and Adventure From Yellowstone Country

In Grizzlies on My Mind, Leach shares his love for Yellowstone—its landscapes and wildlife, especially its iconic bison and grizzlies—as he tells tales that will delight anyone interested in the national park system, wildlife and wild landscapes, rivers and adventure. Heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of human lives lost, efforts to save a black bear cub, a famous wolf who helped Leach through some dark personal days, the unique and oftentimes humorous Yellowstone “culture,” backpacking trips that nearly ended in disaster, and Leach’s spiritual journey with his Assiniboine-Gros Ventre “brother” fill the pages—and the reader’s heart.
If you’ve never been charged by an elk, traveled solo at dawn across Yellowstone’s frigid interior (working your way slowly through a herd of peaceful bison in the process), or lain awake in a backcountry tent, listening for the spine-tingling breaths of a curious grizzly—but you crave such experiences, Grizzlies on My Mind is the book for you.

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Grizzlies On My Mind Tour Recap

Beginning in May of 2014 with a standing-room-only crowd at Denver’s legendary Tattered Cover, the Grizzlies On My Mind tour was one for the memory book. From a closing keynote on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol to events at the best indie bookstores across the West, I was overwhelmed by the turnouts and outpouring of love GOMM received.

This book represents a decade-long odyssey of advocacy, adventure and self-discovery in the wilds of Yellowstone.

  • Out West Books, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • Buffalo Bill Center of The West
  • Costco Bozeman, Montana
  • Mammoth Hot Springs, YNP
  • REI Salt Lake City
  • Bubbalo Bill Center of the West
  • REI Denver Flagship
  • Tattered Cover, Denver, Colorado
  • GOMM hits #1 on Best Seller List
  • Old Faithful, YNP
  • REI Boulder, Colorado
  • Back of Beyond, Moab, Utah