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Daily Audacious Wisdom: Shallow Brooks Are Noisy

January 22, 2016
Daily Audacious Wisdom: Shallow Brooks Are Noisy

One of my mentors often reminds me that, “shallow brooks are noisy.” We all know there’s a lot of noise out there telling us how we “should” be, what we “should” do and what we are “capable” of. But we must filter the noise because it’s far too often heavy on rhetoric and light on substance. When striving to hit our stride of living a life of meaning and purpose this filter becomes essential. It doesn’t come easy, it’s through a willingness to be vulnerable, to face the fire of adversity and to endure the hardships life presents. But I’m more convinced now than ever that our struggles and the shared struggles of others, represent the fertile soil of vulnerability. This is the stuff of meaning and purpose. Struggle is what gives us a story worth telling. A willingness to share our struggle is what breathes life and diversity into the two legged world around us.

So here’s our Daily Audacious Wisdom for this fine Friday morning: “We live in a world teeming with babbling brooks. They produce a lot of noise, but are often shallow and lacking substance.  Hardship is the habitat of depth and perspective.  Our struggle adds soul and richness to the human experience. Struggle represents the biodiversity of culture and community.”

With nothin’ but love, Michael W. Leach


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