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Elk River Books, Livingston Love and Doug Peacock

July 1, 2014

I’m still riding the high of Friday night in my old stompin’ grounds of Livingston, Montana. So much love for the turnout at Elk River Books. When my good friend Dan Sullivan co-owner of Mustang Catering helped get my manuscript in front of the one and only Doug Peacock for a blurb, I couldn’t ever have dreamed that Doug’s name–and one of a kind blurb–would be gracing the cover of my book.

Then on Friday night, Doug Peacock himself embraced me with a big hug and sat with me for over an hour as I signed books on Main Street in Livingston. He is a magnet of positivity, a powerful force of that which is right in our world. We shared stories of love, heartache, wilderness and disobedience in defense of our wild planet in peril. Hanging with an activist, wilderness warrior, author and man who has touched my life through the pages of my favorite books represents a night I will never forget and will always cherish. Much mahalo Livingston, Elk River Books, friends and family. My Livingston ohana is strong…Grateful and honored.

~Michael W. Leach

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