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Everyday Is A Good Day

May 14, 2015
Photo by Ryan McGuire.
Photo by Ryan McGuire.

It’s so easy for us to get wrapped up in the hustle and frenetic pace that consumes so much of our lives, but it’s important to stop and take a moment to smell the roses from time to time. In a haze, following a big week of presentations in Boulder and Denver, I awoke early this morning to pack lunch, braid hair and send my daughter to school with a belly full of eggs. While stressing over the fact that I’m only on page 78 of 279 on the page proofs for my Be Audacious book due at the end of the week, I journeyed to the bank to make a deposit.

It’s one of those blustery bone chilling mornings, so typical of spring in Montana.  There are a few places that always seem to deliver on my anxiety meter and the bank is one such place. Though I was making a nice deposit from the box full of books that I sold on night one of my trip to the Boulder/Denver area last week (a cause to celebrate!), I fretted over seeing the balance, knowing that the honeymoon/book tour two weeks earlier had put a major dent in funds.

Walking out the door a few minutes later, balance in hand, I was silently lamenting over the status of my business account when a special needs man in his early forties pulled up to the front door on his bike. I’d seen him around this side of town on many occasions, jogging, biking or simply walking, always with a smile on his face.

He was prepared for the elements with a pair of gloves and oversized parka.

“How are you this morning?” I asked as he leaned his bike against the side of the building.

“Every day is a good day,” came in response.

Every day is a good day, yeah? That’s my mantra for today.

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