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Fight On

June 1, 2017
Fight On

This is what the Electoral College gave us? A climate denying demagogue who just threw a middle finger to the rest of the world and future generations by pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

This is a sad and disturbing day for our planet, for our oceans, rivers and mountains. It’s a sad day for wildlife and all of humanity. And it’s an embarrassing and shameful day to be an American. This is diabolical on so many levels. One hundred and ninety five countries are working together to curb greenhouse gases but we’re going rogue with Syria and Nicaragua?

I know they are just pesky facts, but our planet has experienced 16 of its warmest years on record since 2000 and the last three years have been the hottest ever documented, and this lunatic, and his science denying republican cohorts are saying, “fuck it, we’re out.” This is out of control, it’s destructive, detrimental to our national security, weakens our standing as a thoughtful and progressive nation, defies stewardship and forward thinking. Flat earthers are leading our Country. These are scary times indeed. Let’s ignore science, forget about climate change, strip 21 national monuments of their status as protected landscapes, gut the Endangered Species Act, and disembowel the EPA. That’s the gameplan ya?

We must resist this crazy shit. Fight on guardians, fight on.

For a wild world, Michael W. Leach

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