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For Everything There Is A Season: Be Audacious 2.0!

September 8, 2015
For Everything There Is A Season: Be Audacious 2.0!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately about the seasonal nature of our lives. There’s no doubt that our personal journeys and quest to live a life that matters can be seen as different chapters in our personal sagas, but I’ve found myself gravitating towards the seasonal metaphor when change is on the wing.

Accepting change can be hard for anyone, but change is often the key ingredient to growth. Putting it in that perspective always helps me, as it’s difficult to deny the importance of evolving. I’ve often said to young people, when you stop growing, changing and transforming, it’s time to turn the lights out and re-evaluate your story. Far too often we get stuck in a rut—we are, by nature, creatures of habit and it’s easy to stick with what is comfortable and known to us, but in doing so we miss our opportunity to grow.

This life we live is each of our opportunity to author a masterpiece. We lament about that which is out of our control, but the beauty of living audaciously is understanding that we get to write the story and play the leading role in our own great novel. When we don’t like the narrative, we can change it. When we find ourselves stuck, we can write a new story.

I recently heard an expert on a podcast say that 21st century entrepreneurs on average change their chosen career and field three times by the time they’re thirty. I’ve written and re-written many stories, both professionally and personally. From ranger to non-profit director, fly fishing guide to wildlife guide, high school basketball coach to full time writer and speaker. I can’t say any of the changes were easy, as I identified with each gig, but in letting go of the attachment to what was and embracing the challenge of my new path, I’ve also embraced my evolution and metamorphosis.

The key to success in our work and professional lives is no different than the critical component to becoming a better man, woman, father, mother or partner. We must keep searching, stretching and striving. We can’t settle. Continued growth and an unquenchable desire to keep learning are essential.

When one of my best friends Brad Bunkers, who also happens to be top-shelf graphic designer and creative czar, recently emailed me that it’s time to give the Be Audacious website a facelift, in anticipation of the big October book release, my first thought was, “We just developed this site three years ago!” And of course there was fear, “What if I get in a slump and can’t craft something new and exciting?” Then I looked at the links he’d sent me of other authors and speakers. It was clear that my site desperately needed a remake.

Embracing the need for change, acknowledging the growth and transformation since Be Audacious 1.0 was launched, I went all in on the new site.

The result was a summer-long labor of love. After re-writing everything (going from old school third-person to hipster first-person), connecting with the one and only Stacy Townsend for a photo shoot, and teaming up with the talented team from Engine 8 (and designer extraordinaire Sarah Cauble), I’m thrilled to launch the new Be Audacious website.


Be Audacious 2.0 is fresh, clean, tight and a reflection of my growth personally, along with the Be Audacious movement’s transformation, over the past three years.

I hope you find it a strong reflection of the BA way and message. Keep searching, stretching and striving. Stay curious, driven and committed to growth. Change may be hard, as it takes courage to dive deep into our personal psyche, facing the fears and what ifs; but this is where the magic happens.

It’s a big world out there my friends, stretch yourself to see what and who you can become!

~Michael W. Leach

6 Responses to For Everything There Is A Season: Be Audacious 2.0!

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post, perfectly mirroring the beautiful and inspiring new website!

  2. Awesome post Michael, something I needed to read to get me going in a new direction. Congratulations on all your hard work!

    • Thank you so much for the good words Nasa! Embarking upon a new direction is always challenging and takes courage but there in lies the adventure. It’s a big world with endless possibilities so it seems like it would be a shame not to change directions from time to time. I wish you the best in your journey. Let your heart serve as your compass and I’m sure you will enjoy bountiful views along the new route. Much love and respect.

  3. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your words of wisdom !
    My life is going through big changes ! I feel fear and uncertainty, but I know I must make these changes.
    Your words came at the right time !

    • The pleasure is all mine Pam! Thank you for taking the time to journey through my blog and to share your experience. Knowing that the Be Audacious blog is serving it’s intended purpose of providing a sounding board/base camp for people striving to overcome the fear and uncertainty that comes with living boldly and bravely makes my heart sing. Sending smoke signals of goodness and positive as you embrace the uncertainty of change! With nothin’ but love…