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Life Ain’t All Roses and Applesauce

January 23, 2016
Life Ain’t All Roses and Applesauce

Life is hard. Right, wrong or indifferent, for some it’s harder than others. Despite what we often see on social media, life isn’t all powder face-shots, exotic travels and wave riding. It’s a grind, filled with trials and tribs. People get sick, people get dealt shitty hands, people face overwhelming and daunting obstacles.

We can remain proactive, positive and productive without minimizing the magnitude of the struggle. Roses and applesauce aren’t ingredients that make up a recipe of substance and spiritual nutrition. It’s the thorns and scars that enhance our personhood and provide the fodder for stories worth telling. Hardship and struggle are ingredients that enhance and illuminate our DNA, who we are and what we are about. Weather the storms my friends and build your resiliency in the process. It’s a beautiful journey we all share.

Here’s our Daily Audacious Wisdom for this bountiful Sunday morning: “Life is hard. it sure as hell ain’t all roses and applesauce. But there is beauty in hardship. There’s a big difference between having a positive, can-do attitude and being Pollyanna or pie-in-the-sky. The former is admirable, the latter counterproductive. Embrace the fire of adversity to forge a grittier, tougher and more resilient self.”

With nothin’ but love, Michael W. Leach

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