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Liquid Gold

February 17, 2016
Liquid Gold

The Hawaii brain train left the station today. In reality, the power of adventure extends far beyond the experience itself. Saltwater, mountain air, pulsing river molecules, powder snow and grimy dirt, it all gets in our blood, becomes a part of who we are, and enhances our walk upon this big, rugged, watery and sacred planet. Such is the power of adventure.

With winter winds blowing in Bozeman today, I took to the pool. I call it the dungeon—it’s dark and cold. Before starting my swim, I sat in reverie, remembering and honoring my daily swim sessions while living on the Garden Island of Kauai, at the most epic public pool I’ve ever known. I called her “Liquid Gold” and though I no longer commune in her waters each day, that experience remains in my DNA.

No matter where we explore, how hard we push, or what the pursuit, time spent seeking adventure (of all shapes and form), keeping our body in motion, represents a never-ending journey of self discovery.  An opportunity to hit our stride, adventures (of the mini or more massive variety) serve as a catalyst, inspiring us to live and love in the moment, and from the heart.

It might be as simple as a swim or a short walk through a regional park. The activity isn’t what matters; it’s the habit of fostering motion, rhythm and consistency that does.  Adventures take all different shapes.  The key is not to overthink, but instead, to encourage our own dopamine-enhancing endeavors.  Therein lies the very real—and raw—power of adventure.

~With nothin’ but love, Michael W. Leach

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