August 7, 2015


I recognize how critical it is to find the “right” speaker.  The success of each event is most often defined by the audience’s reaction to its presenters.  If your speaker knocks it out of the park, the entire event is a homerun, but if he or she misses the mark, the event becomes all-too-easily forgettable.  I’ve made it my personal mission to create and deliver edgy, engaging and entertaining presentations that captivate, motivate and inspire my audiences. From nonprofit fundraisers to school assemblies, college students to educators, corporations to bird nerds, I consistently hear “everyone is still talking about your presentation!” while receiving powerful responses and moving testimonials from my audience. I can honestly say that I’ve never air-balled a gig or left an audience unsatisfied; and I always leave participants on fire—burning to be more audacious in their lives and work…

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“Michael is excellent at providing a powerful and engaging presentation. He received glowing feedback from our donors, staff and board for an informative and thought-provoking speech, and was an absolute delight to work with. Michael’s positive, can-do attitude will leave you inspired and downright happy.”
—Claire Noell Nickell, Wild Earth Guardians, Event Manager

Motivational Speaking


Inspiring keynote presentations for college events, high school assemblies, educational conferences and professional conventions.

Be Audacious: Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life that Matters

It goes without saying that everyone wishes to live a life that matters. But how do we harness this potential and, in doing so, positively impact the world around us? In Be Audacious: Inspiring Your Legacy and Living a Life that Matters, I offer a simple game plan for overcoming adversity, living authentically, uncovering purposeful passion, and developing vision; a plan that motivates participants to embrace nonconformity―to “shed the shackles of societal norms”―in pursuit of their dreams. Fresh, vulnerable, and contemporary, this call to action speaks to millennials and any others who aspire to break out of the box on the path to a purposeful journey uniquely their own.

Throw Like a Girl

In this edgy, evocative and moving presentation, I rip the “like a girl” phrase to shreds as I challenge audiences to champion a cultural norm where women are celebrated, honored and respected for their gender. Throw Like A Girl empowers participants to embrace the power of feminism. Demanding dignity and respect that women always deserve, I tackle the NFL, equal pay for equal work, abuse, sexual assault and body complexes that come with living in our image-based society. Taking on the objectifying nature of our culture, my message leaves audience members with an inspiring and hopeful message: girls make the world go around.

Anti-Bullying: The BA Way

I share a powerful message, The BA Way, in this high energy and entertaining anti-bullying keynote. Customizing this presentation to match the challenges that students face at various life stages, I share five key strategies to help audience members transform the school experience at both the individual and the collective level. Helping students recognize different kinds of bullying (gossiping, exclusion, taunting, harassment, cyber bullying and more) The BA Way empowers students to adopt core values that enhance a positive learning environment, one where each and every student has the opportunity to thrive on- and off-campus. The BA Way is about changing the game and reclaiming the dignity that every student deserves!

Be Audacious: coaching for Life, Six Methods and Concepts to Inspire Youth in the 21st Century

Be Audacious: Coaching For Life. Six Methods and Concepts to Inspire Youth in the 21st Century empowers teachers, coaches, parents and anyone working to inspire youth with simple but effective tools to take their work to the next level. Often adults find it difficult to relate to today’s teenagers. The stories, case studies and methods in this presentation will change that. With its simple but powerful tools, this presentation will inspire confidence as it gives youth providers the assurance they need to impact the lives of the students they serve.

On a Mission: Inspiring a Legacy

It goes without saying that everyone wishes to live a life that matters and ultimately, inspire a legacy. Being in the position to lead, foster and nurture the development, hopes and dreams of the next generation is an honor that carries tremendous weight, providing a rich opportunity to create meaningful “legacy work” that will ripple across the land for generations to come. In this presentation I share impactful stories from my time as a Yellowstone National Park Ranger, high school basketball coach, and youth-based nonprofit founder and director while weaving a highly relatable message and sharing potent methods, concepts and “Core Values.” My mission? Inspire administrators and those working with youth to leave their own unique legacy.

“There are rare times when you come across someone who you know why they were put on this earth. . . put on this earth for a reason. You, Michael (aka Rev) are that rarity. You are truly a blessing to know. Keep spreading your ‘sermon’ because it is filled with so much for everyone to take to heart.”
—Lani Alvarez, Kirkland, Washington

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Environmental Speaking


Keynotes perfect for audiences of all ages, colleges, environmental, wilderness and conservation conferences, summits, retreats, and high school assemblies.

Why Yellowstone?

The Last Wild

In this visually stunning keynote, I share a powerful and inspiring message about the future of our wild world. The world needs audacious guardians now more than ever and this presentation serves as the anthem for this cause. Sharing stories from my time as a ranger naturalist, activist and guide in Yellowstone National Park—North America’s wilderness Mecca–The Last Wild is a bold and passionate call to action that is sure to ignite a fire in the belly of a new generation of conservationists and activists.

The Wilderness and Spirit of Yellowstone

This presentation has captivated audiences from the shores of the Pacific to the Coast of the Atlantic. This spirit-enriching presentation about grizzly bears, wildness and Yellowstone is packed with dramatic and stunning images that tell the story of our nation’s first national park. Often referred to as my Yellowstone “sermon”–which earned me the nickname “Rev”–The Wildness and Spirit of Yellowstone is a celebration of place, the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and the power of wild places to shape our future. Inspiring a connection to wild spaces spanning the globe, I explain how and why the preservation of Yellowstone is directly linked to the future of our world’s last iconic wildlands.

“I’ve been hosting the RM Land Series for the past 13 years. It’s hard to think of a more inspiring presentation then what Michael shared last Saturday! Thanks so much — and for all you do. With the challenges facing wilderness today, we all need the passionate energy of people like Michael Leach. His exuberant love of nature inspires people to discover what it is that they can do to save our threatened wild places.”
—Jeff Lee, Rocky Mountain Land Series, Tattered Cover, Denver, Colorado Recent Clients

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