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Taking The Path Less Traveled

November 9, 2015
Taking The Path Less Traveled

I’m inspired by the rabble rousers, instigators and boat rockers of the world. Wreaking havoc on the status quo is a bold and daring path. Perhaps it’s a bias I have since it’s the only language I speak and route I know.

Everyday we lose authentic and fiery tribe members who fall victim to the norm. My message to those audacious souls taking the adventurous path less traveled is simple: don’t let the conformists and Pollyanna’s preaching a cookie cutter and less feisty approach drown out your inner fire and desire to inspire change. The world needs your passion, creativity and scrappy spirit.

Questioning ones self is natural, especially when shattering the box of cultural norms.  It is part of the journey for all those striving and stretching to be and do better. But don’t let the noise distract you from what you know in your heart is true to you.

There will always be detractors preaching the “path” to happiness and success, but that sounds like charlatan jabber. The beautiful thing about being audacious is that it looks different for each of us.  Being audacious isn’t for everyone however.  For those more inclined to fall in line, doing things by the book (we need you too), I’ve got nothin’ but love for you, so do your thing! But for those questioning your path because you don’t fit in, or because others don’t appreciate your gritty style and daring methods, stay the course my friends.

There is no one way, or right path. The only route that ultimately matters is the one that allows us to stay true to who we are and what we’re about while doing our part (big or small) to positively impact the world around us. And if this looks like rabble rousing, boat rocking and instigating, then keep shaking things up. In this way, we live with purpose and ultimately uncover a life that matters.

~Michael W. Leach

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