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Utah’s Deseret News Reviews Grizzlies On My Mind

August 11, 2014

“Leach’s love and reverence for Yellowstone National Park and the wildlife shine in his writing. He provides enough background so those unfamiliar with wolf pack dynamics, bear jams and other terms can get the context of what he’s referencing.

And Leach has ridden a snowmobile across the park — and through a bison herd — in the winter, seen and celebrated each the park going from season to season, and worked with the crowds of tourists while wearing the green and gray park ranger uniform and with adventure-seeking clients in the backwoods trails and rivers.

Leach’s strength in his storytelling is the details of each adventure and his conversational tone, which makes the book almost feel like he’s there sharing each story in person.”

Click the link to read the entirety of the Deseret News review: Deseret News Review

We are so stoked to receive this review from one of Salt Lake City’s most celebrated newspapers.

Much love Utah,

Michael W. Leach

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